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Download linkLAN_Intel_51eff0779163df10e3a41b61973c1fe4.7z
Best supporting OSVista(x64),Server2008(x64) | Windows 8(x64),Server2012 (x64)
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Download linkLAN_Intel_80704aa163ca1264983326c9e827b47a.7z
Best supporting OSVista,Server2008| Vista(x64),Server2008(x64)
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How to install driver with Device ID IFCoEProt

1. First, find file that you need to download. Get the file and unpack source of archive to a directory.

2. In the device manager, select the device, drivers for which you want to install or update.

3. Right click on device node and select - update.

4. Select the directory with unpacked files in update drivers dialog wizard.